Non Partisan Committee

"We intend to pledge ourselves to our county, our state, our country, and to each other to devote our time and effort to regain a voice in our governments.  We believe that county, state and federal governments belong to its people and not to politicians and bureaucrats.  One way or the other we intend to exert the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

We believe the elected officials and public employees are servants of the people; the people are not servants of public officials and public employees.  We believe in truth and honesty in government and will demand it.  We will not support for office any person who does not first strongly and sincerely pledge allegiance to our principals.  We will support no one for office or position without assurances and belief that all such persons will first ascertain the WILL OF THE PEOPLE before making decisions that affect the people.

We will let it be known that we are members of this organization, recognize and support its purposes and encourage others to join.  We recognize that singly we can accomplish little but together we can accomplish much."

We have a Passion to Serve YOU, the PEOPLE     



"No person is fit to sit on a governing board who does not recognize that the will of the people is the fundamental law of free government." 

- Thomas S. Harrington, Chairman

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